Why should I invest?

Investing is not just a way of saving for tomorrow; it’s a principle that determines how you live each day and the standard of life you’ll continue to enjoy once you retire, based on future income or profits.

How to make your investment decision

We have simplified the entire process of making your investment decision.
Simply follow these steps:
1. Choose your investment goal from the options below
2. Choose your investment vehicle
3. Decide how long you are planning to invest
4. Choose a fund/s

I have a savings goal

If you have already identified your savings goal – an addition to your retirement funding, creating a legacy for your family or an educational funding for your children – you need the best investment option to achieve that goal. If you want to save but haven’t yet identified your goal, there are some options we suggest you think about.
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I want to save for my retirement

The importance of saving for retirement can never be overemphasised. You need to build up a retirement fund that will be sufficient to replace your income once you are no longer employed or earning an income. You have the option of using a savings solution with limited access and tax benefits, or one that provides direct access to your funds at all times.
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I am looking for a post retirement solution

It is vital that the funds you built up for retirement are managed in such a way as to provide you with an income for the rest of your life. The capital you have accumulated should be invested in accordance with your financial needs and risk profile, and should be balanced across capital preservation and income requirements. You will need to preserve or grow your retirement capital to provide you with sufficient income while avoiding the erosion of your capital base. Prudent investment of your capital is therefore required, and we have the ideal solution for you.
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